"Governance in China" research network

Preconditions, Limits and Potentials of Political Adaptability and Innovativeness in the 21st Century


The “Governance in China” research network is an inter- and transdisciplinary collaborative project integrating political science and Chinese studies. Its members are representatives of the following institutions:

The research collaboration is based on existing structures such as the Association for Social Science Research on China (ASIA) and of the German Association for Asian Studies (DGA).


The objective of the “Governance in China” research network is to explore the preconditions for – as well as the successes and limitations of – institutional adaptability and innovation, together with the methods and content of governance in China. The network’s aim is to strengthen the links between political science oriented China studies in Germany, to train a new generation of China scholars with a sound social science background, and to increase Germany’s visibility within the international scientific community as a research location.


Starting in March 2010, the “Governance in China” research network has been sponsored for six years by the German Fe­deral Mi­nis­try of Edu­ca­ti­on and Re­se­arch (BMBF). The total funding provided is about 3 million euros. The research network, which is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Björn Alpermann (University of Würzburg), is part of a program to strengthen and develop area studies in Germany.


Background and Goals of the Research Network